chessiedoodle. (simply_strange) wrote,

my first ever celeb birthday post, haha. ♥

Happy birthday to one Zhang Li Yin!

You've been an absolute inspiration, and I swear, when I got that aday community, I never knew that I'd be such a diehard fan. xD But you're so admirable, and you give it your all even though, much to our exasperation, you're hardly given what you truly deserve. Your voice never fails to impress, oh my goodness - it's what makes you truly unique, what makes you a true gem. You never fail to be humble, and just be yourself, haha. I await the day you truly shine, Li Yin, ah - I'm being absolutely cheesy but seriously - it's about time you get your chance. ♥

I think us Chocolate await the day when something like this is from a ZLY concert. ^^
Also, this is the reason I want the 'O' DVD. =P

In the meantime, continue surprising us all with your kickass dancing skills, continue playing the violin more!, adlibbing the hell out of English songs (and putting your own spin even into classic Chinese songs), constantly denying being with Junsu because, in reality, you really don't need the guy it's okay. Really. I have fanfiction to make me feel better ;__; Donghae seems to have an eye on you though ;D *bricked*. Never stop being adorable, and oh my goodness even though you're not in the Mirotic tour this time, you must perform hardcore songs like this more. And never stop having a better fashion sense than your stylist! You've really worked hard and had to sacrifice some things (but you hardly seem to cry!) and it makes me happy like some proud mom to see that you're improving like hell:

And I know it's two years ago but THIS PERFORMANCE IS BRILLIANT, TOO.
We believe in you Li Yin - jiayou! ♥

Also! Pls to be joining liyinaday if you haven't yet. =P
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