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looking for the brightest star.

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this journal's for comm-watching purposes.

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"major jasper whitlock m'am", 'o'/aux champs élysées remix, a good jazz square, all kinds of chocolate, ancient history, antiquing, anyband and their epic, arron yan, arron's english, astronomy, balloons mv, beautiful british columbia, being delusional and proud, being flighty with fandoms, being home alone, being someone else, breaking dawn!jacob, british accents, broadway and its greatness, brooklyn in the blood, c'est awesomesauce, cause of death: dbsk, changmin in general, changmin wearing glasses, changmin's amazing range, changmin's english, changmin's scholarly self, changmin's snark, chessiedoodle, chipmunk!dean, chloe montez' random mentionings, cho kyuhyun, compudding, cool and radically popular, d/hr fanfiction, dbsk wearing glasses, dead man's chocolate, dean and his pie, doctor cullen, dong bang shin ki, donghae's english, dorky!kyuhyun, dq ice cream cake, drunk!henri, eating lots, emo!sam, epic love, excruciatingly beautiful vampires, fanboy!yunho, fangirling caps, ferrero rocher and toblerone, five in the black, french accents, gaspard+leather pants, getting fanfiction recs, gorgeous aurora borealis, greatestjournal roleplaying, guilty pleasures, having no life, henry+violin = ♥, hot murderous psychotic cannibals, humuhumunukunukuapua'a-because-i-can-spell-it, i'm a wunderkind, isadora duncan's couplets, j'adore gaspard ulliel, j'adore l'histoire, jaejoong's eiffel towers, jaejoong's pout, jaejoong's snarky expressions, jaejoong's triceps, jasper whitlock, jasper's kind smile, jung yunho, junsu wearing glasses, junsu's dolphin squeak, junsu's virginia pronounciation, knowing things, kyuhyun + a-whole-new-world, kyuhyun in general, kyuhyun singing dbsk songs, kyuhyun singing english lines, kyuhyun wearing glasses, kyuhyun's voice, la la paris, le français, little fall of rain, loony love, love in the ice, loves-bigger-than-the-gingerbread-man's-vitality, luna's butterbeer cork necklace, luna's lion hat, marauder era remus, minor character ships, my junk is you, no disappointments whatsoever, not waking up late, only-season-1-of-vm, ostentatious bmw cars, paris+dbsk = heaven, passionable yoochun, pillsbury dough boy, potty luuuuurves loony, proving people wrong, ravenclaw ftw, reading for knowledge, reading in peace, roleplaying cynical ravenclaws, rosalie's better than you, ryan evans' hats, ryan/kelsi-because-they-both-wear-hats, ryeowook's english, saturn's pretty rings, saying ftw out loud, saying lol out loud, scholarly endeavors like jasper, shim changmin, shinyyy, song of purple summer, soulfighter!couple, special k cereals, stupid shiny volvo owner, super junior k.r.y., supernatural filmings in bc, sur la plage, team emmett-jasper, team piz, the charleston, the doctor's sonic screwdriver, the hale twins, the metallicar, the name edward, the old jacob black, the riviera, the smexy edward cullen, the tall brothers, the triwizard champions, the union jack, the weekenders, troy/chad-because-of-that-one-part-at-the-end, trying-to-fit-in-interests-with-dashes, twilight!edward anthony masen cullen, yoochun's laugh, yunho's 'o' dance, yunho's purple line dance, yunho's voice, 炎亞綸, 동방신기, 유노윤호, 조규현, 최강창민

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